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Design Services

It is our goal to thoroughly understand your project requirements and to assist with every phase of the process, from concept to deployment. Industrial control systems span multiple technologies, so we deploy a team of specialists with multiple backgrounds to avoid pitfalls of new systems that may arise from competing requirements. Our expertise spans numerous technologies and engineering disciplines.

Control Solutions

Our team specializes in quick turnarounds of custom-designed controllers. Each system is designed for your specific needs.

Engineering and Design

Our robust designs offer minimal risk and an accelerated product development process. You get reduced costs, high quality, and faster processing times.

Engineering Expertise

Composed of a wide array of components, efficient designs require expertise in a number of areas. Our design engineering experience includes the areas of:

• Mechanical Engineering Design
• Electronics Design
• Process Software
• Office Automation Design
• Machine-to-Machine Interfaces
• Radio Frequency
• Variable Frequency Drives

CAD Tools

We also provide design data in most file formats, using an assortment of CAD tools. These include the following:

• Allegro™ Layout
• AutoCAD® Electrical
• OrCAD® Capture
• PSpice® Simulation
• Solidworks® 3D

• Blowers
• Scroll Pumps
• Blowers
• Scroll Pumps

Controller Interfaces

Our designs support custom interfaces for any application, as well as all the popular industrial control sensor interfaces. For example:

• 4-20mA Sensors
• Custom Serial Port Drivers
• Gas Purity Sensors
• Modbus TCP
• Pressure Transducers
• Resistance Temperature Detectors
• Solenoid Controlled Valves
• Variable Frequency Drives (VFD)
• Variable Speed Drives (VSD)

Sustaining Engineering & Support

We can help with your engineering needs throughout the life cycle of your system. Our resources are available to help troubleshoot and resolve a variety of issues, such as:

• Engineering Change Notice Processing (Hardware and Software)
• Field Service (Remote Monitoring, Diagnostic Software, and Wireless Access)
• Manuals (Created for All Products)
• Production Issues (Component Engineering and Material Shortage)
• Training (Online or On Site)

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