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Control Systems Engineering Expertise

Technology touches every aspect of industrial control systems. For better performance, lower costs, and improved operation, utilize the custom controllers and printed circuit boards offered by Goshay Group, Inc., in northridge, California. Our experienced team can help get your systems to market quicker. Learn about the benefits of our services.

Custom Controllers

Our customized controllers are single-board processor devices with built-in HMI. Designed for reliable use under stringent control requirements, they help with production volumes above 10 pieces per year.

Custom Controller

Programmable Logic Controller

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)

Flexible and modular, PLCs are perfect for low production volume, or just one installation. Programming for these controllers is based on internationally accepted ladder logic standards.

Smart Terminal Block

Our smart terminal block is a custom-designed interconnection between a PLC and your control panel. This product reduces the need for wiring and increases reliability by moving wiring from terminal block to protected traces on the Smart Terminal Block circuit board.

Smart Terminal Block

Printed Circuit Board Design

Printed Circuit Boards

Our Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) may be created from our schematic, or yours. We can supply unpopulated, individual, or panelized PCBs. This can be a valuable resource when you need to develop a second source for an existing or legacy controller. Design output as GERBER and CAD/CAM files is also available.

Process Software

Our custom programming is tailored to meet the functional, technical, compliance, and reporting requirements of your system interfaces, back office systems, and mobile applications. Our automation software includes:

• Allen Bradley™ PLC
• C, C++, C#, Java, VBA
• Citect™ SCADA
• Office Automation
• PID Control Loops
• Productivity PLC
• Red Lion®
• Visual Studio™
Process Software

Reporting Software

For management and diagnostic use, our software engineers have experience with development environments and report writing engines. These are often written in event-driven object-orientation languages and use databases such as MS-SQL to store data. Microsoft® Office™ scripting serves to power automated MS Excel™ and MS Word™ documents and reports.

Machine to Machine Interfaces

Machine-To-Machine Interfaces

Our electrical and software conversion designs offer integration of legacy equipment, newer equipment, and SCADA systems. Our electrical conversions include analog to digital convertors, current transformers, digital signal processor, DIN controllers, and DSP Processors, as well as:

• Digital-To-Analog Convertors
• Flex-Circuits
• High Speed Event Counters
• Intel® Processors
• Isolated Interfaces
• Magnetic Pickups and Sensors
• PID Control Loops
• SCR Phase-Angle Controls
• Solid State Relays

Automated Test Systems and Remote Access

Our automated systems are able to efficiently configure and test control systems in the factory, lab, or in the field. Other telecommunication bundled solutions are ideal for remote access, diagnostics, troubleshooting, and event-logging.